Top 3 hidden benefits of salsa dance competition for kids

Salsa dance competition for kids is not just a matter of getting up, dancing and winning. It is also all about showing up for every rehearsal and doing the best you can. It is about believing in yourself even when you don’t feel enough. It is about putting yourself out there to be judged by others.

It is about risking it all just to have that special moment on stage and make good memories. Most importantly, remaining dedicated and focused towards the goal. That said, several hidden benefits come with signing up your kids for salsa dance competition, and here are the top 3:

  1. Discipline

Salsa dance for kids is a fun way to teach your kids some discipline. This is because it requires discipline for one to always attend salsa dance rehearsals and attentive to lessons. Moreover, the fact that there is an upcoming competition takes the stakes a notch higher since every rehearsal counts, and it acts as motivation for your kids to do better. Attending rehearsals also teaches your kids how to keep time and be punctual. In the end, this values will be duplicated in other areas like in school work too.

  1. Confidence

Salsa dance competition for kids is a good way to build-up confidence for your kids. This is because dancing provides a distraction from the audience. However, with time, your kids will be able to stand in front of an audience with enough confidence. This will further be cemented by interacting with people from different background. Besides building their confidence, salsa dancing also gives them a platform to showcase their skills, and as a result, potential sponsors can spot them and book them for future events or work with them on bigger projects.

  1. The art of competition

Salsa dance competition teaches your kids the art of competition. An actual positive competition will help your kids to grow in all aspects of their lives. It enhances their ability to compete in a way that does not result in one being envious of other’s achievement, in that, they accept the results given by judges even if it is not in their favor. Also, exposing them to competitions will teach them how to handle disappointments since they will not always win all the competitions. Moreover, competition encourages them to grow with each passing day and to celebrate their small achievements. Taking part in competitions will enable your kids to learn the art of competition without including rivalry or viewing other competitors as enemies.

Last Words

Signing up your kids for salsa dance competition can be one of the best decisions you ever made as a parent. This is because it will help instill some positive values in them that will be replicated even in other areas of their lives as they grow up. Taking part in salsa dance competitions is not just about having fun, but it is a real package deal that comes with hidden benefits. Moreover, you can also use it as bonding time for you and your kids as you have fun while dancing salsa.


Miriam Ndemo


Miriam is a salsa enthusiast who generally loves ballroom dancing. She is also a freelance writer and a dance instructor at a local school. She likes dancing, smiling, swimming, traveling and making new friends. Therefore, please feel free to contact her and send her your feedback or comments in the comments section below and she will be glad to interact with you.




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