Things to understand before signing up your kids for a salsa competition

As adults, it is easier to understand what a competition entails and what it takes to win. However, this concept may not be that clear to kids since they are still in the process of learning new things and most might take it a fun moment.

So, how do you know that it is time for them to start participating in salsa competitions? Further, as an adult, there are some things that you need to fully understand before letting your kid(s) start taking part in salsa competitions. The understanding will be critical in ensuring the parents and their kid employ the needed effort to accomplish their goals. Below are some of the top 3 questions which you must ask yourself before signing up your children for a salsa competition:

  1. Is it their interest?
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As adults, sometimes it is our dream to have our kids follow our footsteps especially if we are successful. However, this makes it easy for us to be carried away by our emotions and end up causing more harm than good. Some might see their kids as an opportunity to achieve their failed dreams, in that, they might have had an ambition of becoming salsa dancers, but they never achieved it. They, therefore, end up imposing this dream on their kids. It is important to ensure before you sign up your kids for a salsa competition, they have an interest in it. How do they feel when dancing salsa? Are they excited about it? Are they always anxiously waiting for the next rehearsal or is it difficult for them to get through one session of salsa dance? Once you establish it is in their best interest, then you can go ahead and sign them up.

  1. Are they ready for the competition?
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Before signing your kids up for a salsa competition, it is important to take your time first and analyze them. Are they ready to start competing in salsa dancing? How long have they been practicing and how much progress have they made so far. On the same light, it is also important to consider the level of competition involved. Is it a beginner’s, intermediate or professional level competition? If they have not yet mastered the basics of salsa dancing yet you are signing them up for intermediate level competition; you are setting them up for failure.

  1. What if they lose?

It is obviously advisable to always be positive about everything – and this includes the salsa competition. However, it is also important to make your kid understand that in a contest there is only one winner. Judging from your kid’s behavior, can they handle defeat? If not, you should first teach them how to deal with disappointments before signing them up for the next salsa competition.

Last Words

Dance competitions are always very tough and they demand so much of your time and dedication. They provide the perfect opportunity for your kids to grow and learn more about salsa. Joining a salsa competition from a young age can build them up as professional salsa dancers. It helps build their confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, it is a good option of making use of their free time.

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Miriam is a salsa enthusiast who generally loves ballroom dancing. She is also a freelance writer and a dance instructor at a local school. She likes dancing, smiling, swimming, traveling and making new friends. Therefore, please feel free to contact her and send her your feedback or comments in the comments section below and she will be glad to interact with you.



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