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The Ultimate Salsa 101 For Women

One thing about salsa dance is that the woman is at the centre of all the attention and therefore, she needs to be on top of her game. This not only makes her appealing to the audience but also to her dance partner. If you are only starting to practice the dance of salsa then there are some must learn basics that you need to know to get your best salsa groove on. In this article, I put together some of the fundamental things to look out for before getting on that dance floor.

Basics are everything

If you are new to this sensual Latin dance or already know a few steps here and there, then it is important to note that without the basics, you cannot do anything on the dance floor. So learn the basics first so you can get something to work on from there.

The most basic salsa step is the mambo which is quite simple and involves just the movement of the legs. Once you get this figured out, it becomes much easier to incorporate other body movements and steps as well.

Another very important thing to master in salsa is the basic count. The basic salsa count as you may have learnt from your instructor is 1-2-3, 5-6-7. This helps to guide you on the perfect timing to make each step and each move.

Get the rhythm right

Dance is nothing without rhythm. And since salsa is basically a collaboration dance, you have no choice but to get your rhythm right. This way, your dancing is in tune with your dance partner as it should be.


The beauty of salsa dance lies in the styling, which more often than not, is done by women. A fundamental basic in salsa is that the man is the’ lead’ while the woman is the follower’. As much as the man will be doing most of the leading, the dancing is left to the woman and you can only make it more interesting by styling.

Anyone can do the basic steps but it is the way you move that makes all the difference. Styling involves the movement of the hands and body in a certain type of way that makes the woman look beautiful and sexy. Now, as appealing as styling may be, don’t over-do it. This will not only make you look tacky but could also make it difficult for your partner as your hands and body would all over the place. Nobody wants a dance partner who is all over the place.

What to wear


For beginners, it is always advisable to have your most comfortable shoes on while dancing. However, as you get accustomed to the steps, you are going to have to wear professional salsa dancing shoes. The shoes bring out the sexy’ in the dance and that’s, well, the plan.


Unless you are a professional performing dancer, pretty much anything can do as long as you have your moves right, right? Well, not quite. Salsa requires certain types of attires for the ladies. Free light fabric dresses are the ideal attire for women. And avoid layering your clothes as much as you can as these get in the way of your lead’ when dancing. If you must layer, then make it fitting and as light as possible. This is because layered clothing makes your partner’s hands glide while leading you and this is not a good thing in salsa.


Just like clothing, hair can get in the way of a good move while on the dance floor so it is advisable to have your hair either short (now am not asking you to cut your hair of course) or tied up securely.

Also, avoid chunky or hanging jewellery and accessories as much as you can.


Ignore the fact that this is at the bottom of the list. Confidence is key in practically everything that you are going to have to do in front of a crowd. If you are confident, high chances are you are never ever going to miss a partner.

The first person that you have to be comfortable with is yourself, then your dance partner and then obviously the entire crowd of people, watching or not. If you are not confident in what you do, trust me it is going to be evident in your dance and this might just ruin everything for you. So believe in yourself and everything else will fall into place.

With these few tips, you can be sure, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, that you will get the best salsa experience wherever you go. So get your dancing shoes on and hop into the magic that is salsero.

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