The Social Benefits of Salsa Dancing You Didn’t Know Existed

Salsa is one of the forms of dance that have remained original and strong over the years. Originally invented in the Caribbean islands, salsa wove its way into the culture of the South American people eventually becoming almost a synonymous identifier of their music. It is a dance technique that involves a vigorous yet rhythmic movement of the waist as well as the hands, the upper body and the whole body in general.

Salsa has become a common dance in most parts of the world and especially now with tutorials available online. In a typical dance setting, the dancer can either perform on its own or with a partner both of which are viable options. Salsa music plays in the background and acts as a guide to the dancers.

General Benefits

Salsa has been shown to be one of the most sought after dance routines in gym classes. This is because the intense nature of its moves makes it a fun cardio workout and helps losing weight without compromising on the exercise.

For people with bad postures, salsa trains your back to actually be straight while at the same time improving coordination. Therapists have been shown to essentially recommend salsa for individuals with stress and depression. The intensity helps to take their mind away from their problems for a while. Great for relaxation.

What most people don’t know, however, is the number of social benefits that can be achieved through salsa. Ranging from conversation building to creating friendships, below are a few great reasons why starting salsa lessons may be a great idea for you.

Social Benefits

  1. Builds community

Communities are made up of people who have a common uniting factor. Salsa is a great way to make friends. The passionate enthusiasm for the same dance will help you establish lifelong connections that will go beyond the dance studio.

Are you new in a community? Do you not know where to start? Join a salsa dance group and thanks to the variety of communities that love salsa, you might actually develop new interests and learn to appreciate other communities and cultures better.

  1. Salsa for introverts – overcoming shyness using salsa

Due to the need for a partner for dancing, salsa can open up many ways for people to create conversations. With time, most people are able to actually initiate conversations by themselves without the need for aid.

The interactions created in the heat of the moment will finally enable otherwise shy people to reveal themselves to others through the dance.

  1. Mental alertness

With age, our concentration spans reduce considerably, there is also the unfortunate drop in our memory retaining abilities. The constant routine of dance creates with it some memory retaining techniques. Also, as you consistently remember each step, there is a considerable increase in your concentration span as well.

If you are struggling with focusing on a thought for 20 minutes, salsa might be the solution for you.

  1. Salsa as a way into our souls

Most people who are often described as inarticulate find dancing as a means of self-expression; through dancing, you are able to express how you feel about some things, you are able to show appreciation and sometimes salsa can show how angry you are about something. All in all, salsa is a way into our inner personalities and can be used to very subtly express ourselves.

  1. Salsa for the community

A group of salsa dance lovers can come together as a means of creating awareness of something. Some of the more common ones are salsa dances for charity. Lovers of salsa can hold dance nights as an attempt to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Salsa dances and open-air salsa dance competitions have been used to raise awareness of a variety of conditions present in the world as of now. Some of the more common ones would be salsa for cancer or salsa for endangered species.

  1. Salsa is an appreciation of culture

Dancing to something that was invented by someone else is an appreciation of their culture. Living in a world that is full of individuals who are conservative, cultural appreciation boosts the diversity that is already present in the world.

Salsa and many other art forms that were discovered and invented by other communities unite us despite our historical and racial backgrounds.

Rhythms don’t know colour or heritage.

  1. Salsa as a way of life

Away from the medals and the competitions, salsa teachers and dance instructors live for the dance. They live and breathe salsa and quite often, their families join them in this amazing discovery of salsa, community and way of life. These salseros stem from ancestors that have totally relied on this dance for their lives.

Cutting off salsa from our lives would be eliminating generations upon generations of individuals.

  1. Romance connections

Salsa has helped many couples who were otherwise unable to connect. Through dance, you are able to create a rhythmic connection which may help to synchronise other areas of your romantic life.

  1. Fun!

This is basically the greatest motivator for almost everything we do. Salsa is fun. Dancing is fun, talking to people and connecting with people is fun, if for no other reason, try salsa dancing for the fun that is sweating it out for an hour on the dance floor.

  1. Added value to your resume

Knowing how to dance is just something great you can add to your resume or list of interest or hobbies. These small things go a long way in showing people that not only are you cultured but that you also have diverse cultural tolerance.

Who knows what might set you apart in an interview?


Well, I hope that was convincing enough. Salsa is indeed a beautiful dance and all the above reasons point to the one truth that salsa is beneficial. With advantages ranging from health, to social and even the emotional well-being of individuals, salsa is a force of nature.

The great thing about it is that anyone can learn regardless of age.

So if you have been holding off, well, the time to start is now.


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