Motherhood and Salsa competitions

Salsa competitions are hectic. They take a lot of commitment and dedication. Mixing up motherhood and salsa competitions is an entirely different animal. Who picks up your kids when you are at practice? Who babysits when you have travelled for competition? Many reasons keep mothers from participating in salsa competitions. However, there is a way out. Mothers can take part in salsa competitions if they want to. The solution is planning.

  1. Marry your family’s schedule to yours

Salsa competitions take a lot of preparation. Family time will definitely be eaten up by the preparations. When your child gets home, you will most likely still be at practice. When you eventually get home, you will be too tired to read him or her a bedtime story. Everyone will have had dinner and probably just about to retire to bed. Your schedule will be the tightest. How do you as a mother avoid the feeling that you are missing out? The solution is to have the family plan around your schedule. You could make breakfast for the family and drop off the kids to school in the morning. Rather than schedule a practice session on a Saturday afternoon, you could have it on Friday as doing so frees up your Saturday for a picnic with the family.

  1. Preparing for salsa competitions early
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Salsa competitions are usually planned in advance. You should start preparing for them as early as possible. Early preparations help you avoid burning the midnight oil ensuring you have enough time for your family. It is common for people to ramp up practice time as competitions approach because they feel they are not ready. If you start preparing early, you can avoid this because you will distribute the workload equally over the entire rehearsal period.

  1.  Competition day

Having put in a lot of work to prepare for a salsa competition, it is important that on the D-day everything works out well. Imagine everything that can go wrong and have a plan. It is easier to plan around possible problems and have solutions ready than coming up with them on the fly. Should you choose to have your children at the competition, make sure there is someone else to watch over them as you will be too busy. Should they fall ill or come down with food poisoning, be ready to send them to the hospital with someone and not feel like you are neglecting your motherly duties. Should the competitions go late into the night as they often do, have a babysitter or a close friend on standby to watch over the kids until you return.

  1. Spending time with your kids

Each child is different. Different children need different amounts of time to bond with their mothers. Mother-child time should never be neglected because you have a salsa competition coming up. Though you enjoy dancing salsa and would relish the opportunity to compete against others, you should remember that your family comes first. You should find a way to strike a balance between the time you spend practising and the time you spend with your children.

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