Know all the Facts about Tango Dancing

What is tango? 

Tango is a type of dance, which is usually performed in company with a partner. It was originally originated along the Plata River during the 1880s with the name tango criollo. Later, it was quickly spread to all parts of the world. The dance has a strong influence on the culture of Europe and Africa. Nowadays, it is performed in a variety of styles and forms. However, the authentic form of the dance is the one that resembles the dance performed in Uruguay and Argentina. The dance was included in the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage on 31 August 2009.

What tango is all about?

Tango is considered one among the most attractive of all dances. This is a physical ballroom dance will usually perform by a man with a woman. During dancing, the performers will articulate their romantic expressions in their coordinated movements. Although, at first, the dance was performed only by women it became a partner dance as soon as it was extended outside Buenos Aires. Over the years, its fame has much developed and now, the Argentine Tango is much closer than the Modern Tango. This is because it can be performed even in limited settings.

History of Tango 

Tango has a fascinating as well as complex history. This is because the music of the dance music got the respect after a great struggle. Moreover, academics and historians have originally neglected the dance. However, the styles of the early tango dancing have greatly influenced the modern dancing style. The music of the dance is considered one among the best of all music genres all through the world. The dance was first introduced to the New Word by Spanish colonists. Later, the dance spread throughout Europe during the 1900s quickly and later; it was extended to the United States. However, the dance started getting its popularity only around 1910 in New York.

Musical instruments used in the tango dance 

Many musical instruments will be used to perform a traditional Tango dancing. A sextet will play the music with a piano, two violins, two bandoneons, which is a big instrument with keys, and with double bass. The dance is also usually played on a single guitar, with two guitars, or in an ensemble. This ensemble is referred to as the Orquesta Tipica. It usually contains a minimum of two violins and bandoneons, one piano, one flute, and a double bass. Occasionally, the ensemble may include a clarinet and a couple of guitars.

Styles followed in tango dancing 

Tango dancers perform the dance in various styles. Each style of the dance has its own elegance. However, the dance is performed mostly with an open hug or in a close embrace. In the open embrace style, the couple will maintain some distance between them. In the close embrace style, the dance is performed by couples with their hip or the chest area attached. Ballroom tango dancing is also the most commonly used dancing style, which is featured powerful, spectacular head snaps.

Techniques of tango dancing

Tango dancing will usually perform with the recurring music style with 16 or 32 beats. During dancing, the male performer will hold the female performer in the crook of his arm. The woman performer will keep her right hand on the lower hip of the male performer, holding her head back. The technique is that the male performer should allow the female performer to remain in this position. At the same time, he should allow the woman to lead around the ground in a curving pattern. Tango dancers have to work hard to make a strong association with their spectators and with the music.

Amazing benefits of tango dancing 

Tango dance will offer you a bounty of benefits physically and mentally. Some of the notable benefits of the art include:

  • It increases your body consciousness and sensitivity.
  • It improves your body flexibility, stance, and offers you immense recreation.
  • It will keep you in an active meditation condition, which is good for your body and mind.
  • Tango dance is an authoritative boost for the originality and artlessness muscles for both men as well as for women.

The dance offers you lots of fun, meaning it keeps you relaxed whenever you feel stressed.

Ways to learn the tango dance 

Nowadays, there are many studios, offering training for those interested in learning the art of tango dancing. You can search for a reliable studio in your area, offering a training session. Learning the art of the dancing has lots of fun, as well. This means that if you are a novice to the world of tango dancing, you can pick up the art quickly. You can even learn the art from the comfort of your home, as you can buy many videos online. If you learn the art through videos, it is better to take a minimum of some classes when you feel that you have sufficient confidence.

In recent years, the tango dance has turned out to be extremely popular. Most of the recently developed movies, such as Take the Lead, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Scent of a Woman, True Lies, Shall We Dance, and Freda was developed around this type of dance.

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