If you have got to dance then do the Tango!

Tango dancing is impressive to who know how to do it and its audience. It began in West Indies and got stylized by the Gauchos of Argentina. Ballroom Tango branched from the Argentinian Tango under the influence of the Europeans and Americans. It has a different style and execution.

Today, Ballroom Tango dancing is either American Style or International Style. Both disciplines can be found in both social and competitive dances, but International Tango is more famous. A closed dance position characterizes both forms, but American Tango allows its dancers to execute open moves after separating from closed positions. 

This dance has made it way in popular movies such as True Lies and Scent of a Woman. It’s modernly considered the “dancer’s dance” and has become favorite to all who have learned it. 


(i) Listen to the music. 

Music is something you feel, especially while dancing, it dictates your moves. This also applies in Tango; music has to flow through for to grasp the Tango. So when you are at home and listen to Tango friendly music, you will have fewer surprises with yourself. Do you need to know the best music makers? They are:

  • Di Sarli 
  • Laurenz 
  • Canaro 
  • Pugliese 
  • D’Arienzo 

(ii) Begin with the embrace. 

The embrace is physical, simple and sure, but it should also be sensual, firm but a little bit loose and poised. Dancers or participants should feel closeness and mirror one another. 

  • The first participant, raises his left hand and wraps their partner with his left arm, and places his head on her shoulder’s back. 
  • The second participant then raises her right hand to her partner, and puts her left arm around him, with the hand placed in the center of his back.

(iii) Maintain a perfect posture. 

To Dance The Tango properly, you must be in the right posture. 

  • Your head should be held high, 
  • Spine straightened 
  • Chest lifted and 
  • Maintain a strong core.
  • Dance with much confidence expressed by your body language. 

With the wrong posture, you will look a little ridiculous or injure your partner.

(iv) Learn the necessary steps alone before dancing with a partner. 

Prepare yourself well before going with a partner especially if you will be leading. Knowing the basic step is vital. For both participants, their moves should be slow, slow, quick, quick, and slow. Below are movement directions for you as the leader and your partner 

  • Forward with your left, while the partner moves backward with her right. 
  • Forward with your right, while she moves backward with her left. 
  • Forward with left, while she moves backward with her right. 
  • To the right with your right, while she moves to her left with her left. 
  • Have your feet together, moving left to meet right while she has her feet together moving right to meet left. All over again!

(v) When ready to dance, try to work with a partner. 

Grab a person to work with if you feel equipped with the skill. Whether you are the leader or the follower, feel the presence of your partner and allow it to flow. Otherwise, you might be dancing together instead of each other. 

Consider experimenting with different partners. You will find someone better than you and learn more from them, furthermore, it will naturally prepare you to bond with easier and hard to work with partners. 


  • Improves balance and reduces falling risk. 

Changes of direction and moves increase flexibility, strength stability, and balance. 

  • It Wards off Dementia.

Its complex steps and improvisational elements have been known to improve results on memory tests, more than other dancing styles and walking.

  • Helps banish Parkinson’s

Tango reduces Parkinson’s symptoms, Most Parkinson’s patients prefer Tango because it’s enjoyable yet has similar effects to other exercise forms. 

  • Helps to combat Depression.

Music and dance improve mental health and are effective in reducing depression and anxiety. Tango has proved to be one of the main ways to get rid of depression and anxiety. 

  • Helps eradicate insomnia. 

Trouble sleeping? Try Tango; it is effective in improving your sleep.

  • Improves Testosterone levels and decreases Cortisol levels. 

High Cortisol level leads to weight gain, low sex drive, and body wearing down. The presence of music and Tango improves sex drive due to your partner presence. 

  • Provides all the usual Benefits of Exercise. 

Tango is a physically demanding dance and a form of exercise. It improves stamina, muscle tone, better posture, heart function and much more. 


Tango has a lot of benefits and enjoyable. It has become an embraced culture worldwide. Not only does the Tango put you in a passionate relationship with your partner but it also makes your life enjoyable, fun and entertaining.

written by: charlie_chaplain



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