Ballet for adults – Why it can be good for you… at any age

You might think you are too old to begin ballet for adults classes. If you’ve never exercised before, if you’ve never considered taking a dance class, or if you simply feel you are too old and can’t do the movements in certain classes, you’d be surprised at just how much you will get out of ballet for adults classes you enroll into, with the right instructor. So, whether it is the first form of activity you are ever doing in your adult life, or you simply want to get back into the swing of things and haven’t exercised for a while, these are a few reasons to go with dance classes for adults when you are ready to get active.

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Customisation is key

With ballet for adults, the right school and instructor will custom tailor a program for you. Whether this means modifying movements so you can do them more easily, or even making the training a little tougher if you are active, there are a number of customisation techniques an instructor can work into your classes, to personalise your lessons for your fitness levels and capabilities.

Whether you plan on taking one lesson a week, or simply want to try it out to see if it is right for you, instructors and schools can custom create a workout routine, and ballet dance routines, which you are more than capable of doing. From true beginners to novice dancers, to professionals who are simply looking to transition to something a little less intense (as they get older), classes and routines can be customised to fit your specific needs.

Strength training

Have you ever looked at those individuals at the gym who only work out their arms? You know, the ones with “chicken legs?” Well, with ballet for adults you will not have to worry about this. Ballet is going to pinpoint lower body training and muscle development. You are going to notice muscle definition, development, and your entire leg (from the quads to your calves) are going to feel the burn. Ballet is truly one of the best exercises which will target your entire body. It forces you to develop the muscles, and train the muscle groups, based on the movements and routines you are working on. So you are truly going to get that full body workout, your entire skeletal system is going to be training, and you are going to feel it from top to bottom with your classes.

Do something for yourself

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As an adult, you are always (and have always) put others first. The kids, your spouse, friends/family, and anyone else who’s in your life, are always put before you. This shouldn’t be the case. And, when you enrol in ballet for adults, there are a number of benefits for you. Not only for your cardiovascular system but also for the mind. You are going to see a noticeable change in your body, your fitness levels, and your capabilities. But, you are also going to notice your mental clarity, you are going to find it easier to think about and focus on things, and it can even help you with development and improving your capabilities outside of the ballet studio. If nothing else, you can take some time off for yourself, and you are going to feel good about yourself after completing a class and learning new dances you didn’t know prior to taking the classes.


Yes, you can meet new people! If you don’t get out much, if you have a hard time meeting new people, or if you are simply a social butterfly and love meeting new people, this is a great way for you to meet new people. You can get around people who enjoy the same activities as you do, you can learn some new routines, and you are going to be engaging while learning something new when you enrol in ballet classes.

Whether you are new to dance classes, have taken classes in the past, or simply want to try something new, ballet for adults is a great solution. If you are ready to enrol, or if you are simply starting to look for fun activities to engage in and meet other people who enjoy similar hobbies, ballet might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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