4 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from Dancing The Tango

There are certain fundamental lessons that can be learned from every type of dance. The Tango dance, in particular, is chock full of life lessons that can be transferred into real life situations. Think about, what is really going on during those 3 minutes of a tango song and dance?

  • Communication.
  • Respect.
  • Negotiation.

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Ballet for adults – Why it can be good for you… at any age

You might think you are too old to begin ballet for adults classes. If you’ve never exercised before, if you’ve never considered taking a dance class, or if you simply feel you are too old and can’t do the movements in certain classes, you’d be surprised at just how much you will get out of ballet for adults classes you enroll into, with the right instructor. So, whether it is the first form of activity you are ever doing in your adult life, or you simply want to get back into the swing of things and haven’t exercised for a while, these are a few reasons to go with dance classes for adults when you are ready to get active. Continue reading “Ballet for adults – Why it can be good for you… at any age”

All You Need to Know About Tango

Tango is an exceptionally indigenous form of ballroom dancing. It is also known to be one of the most romantic forms of dances known today. Tango has steadily risen in popularity over the years as it is quite exciting and enjoyable, to say the least. Aside from tango being entertaining, there are various other benefits and interesting information attached to it as well. We shall explore all the intricacies revolving around tango as a whole and get to understand this very distinct form of dance. Continue reading “All You Need to Know About Tango”

5 Tango Dancing Facts we bet you Didn’t Know

If you were to asked to list a few facts about Tango Dancing, we are sure you would only know the basics. Most of you would definitely be aware that Tango Dancing comes from Argentina. Many of you may also be able to remember that the first tango song ever recorded was called ‘Toma Mate Che.’ But do you really know enough about this uniquely Argentinian form of dance?

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