Are Salsa competitions healthy for mothers?

Dancing salsa is quite physical. It involves a lot of movement with dips and quick turns. Though all these are done within comfortable limits, salsa dancing can be intimidating especially for mothers. Dancing salsa at home is one thing, dancing salsa at a salsa competition is another. Salsa competitions call for freedom of movement and expression through dance.

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The range of motion involved in such competitions often makes mothers shy away. Salsa competitions are meant for everyone. Women can defeat this intimidation. There are several things that can be done to ensure mothers are also able to dance salsa and compete professionally without putting their health at risk.

Having you just given birth?

Though salsa competitions need a lot of time to practice and dedication to carry through, you should not be worried.Often, the toughness of the preparations wears down people especially mothers soon as they have given birth. They fail to figure out how to work their way around being a new mother and finding the time and energy to dance salsa and compete. Motherhood stigma definitely plays a role in this. Some women wonder what people might think of them if they saw them dancing salsa immediately after giving birth. Some women doubt their physical capacity to push their bodies to the limits as salsa often does. The fact is, salsa is a form of workout. It combines lots of physical movement (cardio) and enjoyment. What better way to lose the extra baby weight than a form of exercise you enjoy and look forward to?

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Dancing for expectant mothers

Being pregnant does not mark the end of your dancing career or interest in salsa. So long as you have the will, you can always find a way to enjoy salsa even when you are still pregnant. Given, there are some moves such as salsa dips and spins that you may not be able to execute. However, that does not stop you from practicing for a salsa competition that is due right after you deliver. The mission is to look at pregnancy as a temporary thing and not let it get in the way of the things you enjoy. During pregnancy, exercise is highly encouraged and salsa could be the exercise for you. It will give you the flexibility that will make labor a whole lot easier and smoother. Soon after giving birth to your kid, you will be able to take part in that salsa competition you were looking forward to.

Tips for pregnant women

  1. Use salsa to maintain your body shape. Children tend to add weight to a mother and some form of exercise is always helpful to keep this in check.
  2. Always remain flexible and be prepared to shift gears. Though pregnancy comes with movement restrictions, be willing to push yourself. Without sacrifice, there is no progress. Be willing to give up a little comfort for the greater good: overall fitness and good health.
  3. Know yourself inside out. If you use counts know them. If you use musical codes know them. You should be able to tell when an exercise is becoming too rigorous for you. At that point, either take a break or call it a day.

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