All You Need to Know About Tango

Tango is an exceptionally indigenous form of ballroom dancing. It is also known to be one of the most romantic forms of dances known today. Tango has steadily risen in popularity over the years as it is quite exciting and enjoyable, to say the least. Aside from tango being entertaining, there are various other benefits and interesting information attached to it as well. We shall explore all the intricacies revolving around tango as a whole and get to understand this very distinct form of dance.

History of Tango 

Tango has undergone diverse evolution to become what it is today. It is a mixture of a dance called Habanera, which has its roots in Cuba and the Tango which is as a result of African slaves being transported to Cuba and Haiti in the 18th century. The Argentine Milonga and Candombe is also part of the tango. 

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It was initially one among the many available dances, especially for the poor people of Buenos Aires. It eventually became widespread and famous among the poor and those of elite status in society. Tango was a fusion of influences from several cultures. As a result of this, the tango has often been known as the music of the immigrants to Argentina.

Learning and Understanding Tango 

There are basically three ways of mastering the art of this dance:

Group lessons: this is where many novices begin. A number of students show up with no partners. It is generally a perfect way to begin tango lessons at an affordable and enjoyable way. It is also ideal to learn in studios entirely set aside for tango. 

Private lessons: it is much more costly compared to group lessons, and only a few people do this. However expensive it may be, it has a plus side of you getting corrected and perfecting your skills faster as compared to learning in group lessons. 

Practices: this is a social tango dance during the night essentially used for learning. In such a session, you get to dance with others, venture into new things and even ask questions. Practisa is distinct from formal tango dances because such actions are not allowed at formal tango dances. 

Accessories Used in Tango Dancing 

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What is required is just a great set of tango shoes that are both comfortable and ideal for tango dancing. For men who are starting out, ballroom shoes are recommended rather than tango shoes because they are lower hence much more comfortable.

Dancing Tango 

Tango is a very calculated dance which is usually danced in a closed position. The lead (usually the man) wraps their right arm around their partner while raising their left hand. The right hand is placed on her back, slightly below the shoulder blades. The lady also raises their right hand to her partner and rests her left arm on the center of the man’s back as well. 

Ensure that you also maintain perfect posture not only to dance the tango as you should but to also prevent possible injuries to your partner. To dance gracefully, you should understand that tango requires balance and the drive to learn. It takes time and mastering it is no mean fit 

The Many Benefits of Tango

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Recent studies have shown that patients who have taken up tango dancing as a hobby have reduced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. There are several ways of movement that are best for patients with this disease hence quicker healing. Patients given regular exercises experienced prolonged effects of Parkinson’s disease. 

If you want to make your posture better, dancing tango is one great way of achieving this. During your tango lessons, your instructor will work on your posture until it comes out naturally for you. Additionally, you can improve your balance as you learn to tango. Intricate footwork is involved and requires balance. With each lesson spent learning the tango, your balance gets better even without you realizing it.

In summation, tango dancing is not only fun and enjoyable but also a great way of improving your health when picked up as a hobby. If you are a novice in tango dancing, it will be very difficult at first, and will probably a few months or even years to learn. However, this shouldn’t get you down because with much practice and willpower; you will definitely master the art of this amazing dance.

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