My Story

SashayLife is the expression of my love for dance, the expression of my belief that dance has healing powers and that through dance we can bring friendship, understanding, and peace in our lives, the wider society, and the business world.

Restarting my journey as a ballet dancer


The birth of SashayLife happened in early 2017, after an incubation period of many years.

Sashay Life is me, Laura Enache, a 31-year-old who fell in love with dance at a very young age, most probably 3 or 4, I can’t even remember.

So early in my life, I discovered the sublime world of ballet and while, as a child, it was amazing to be part of a fairy tale, I pursued dance classes and I have performed since the age of 6.

Being born in Romania, I trained in Bucharest with the national School of Choreography, Floria Capsali, until the age of 14.

At that point in time, due to a number of personal circumstances, along with perhaps fear and concern about my future (potential injuries, the standard of living), my parents decided to withdraw me from professional ballet training. A part of my world has stopped, but the same day new doors have opened and I am grateful to my parents for the person I am today.

I have continued to dance and took ballroom dance classes, tap dancing, salsa, bachata and kizomba classes until my late 20’s. Having always had ballet in my heart, 3 years ago I decided to change my life and commit to training and performing again as a ballerina.  I am now taking classes in Dublin, Ireland, my home for the past 9 years. I am currently training with the Brocklebank Academy of Dance where we mainly follow RAD (Royal Academy of Dance London) syllabus and I am also part of the Le Chéile dance company.


SashayLife is the platform that provides dancers and dance lovers around the world the opportunities that I wish I had throughout my life.

SashayLife is the enabler for art, in the form of dance, to exist, develop and enrich the lives of people, irrespective of their background, job, gender, race, religion or the place of birth.

SashayLife is about dance, health, happiness, love, trust, support, understanding and friendship.