A Men’s Beginner Guide: What You Ought to Know About Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing enriches our lives. It opens up a person to new possibilities or experiences that they usually don’t get. It allows one to express themselves in healthy, beneficial ways. Salsa can make you very joyous, too. Most people tend to have thoughts of quitting after one, two, or three Salsa lessons. 

Beginner’s Guide to Salsa Dancing

While some people fall away after some time, those that forge ahead achieve great results. So, how do you get there? This simple guide informs you of the basic, but crucial things you’d want to know about Salsa. Make good use of the tips featured in this piece. It’d be a fantastic idea to keep all of the information presented here in your mind. 

Becoming a Good Salsa Dancer Takes Time

Getting excited about having a new interest is easy. But, you might find it difficult to swallow the actual reality of learning a new skill. It takes multiple lessons to become a good Salsa dancer. It’s thus important for one to decide whether or not they’re really ready to invest the required time to learn Salsa well. It might take some ego bruising, too. 

Very few people become great Salsa dancers. A great dancer is one that can command the floor almost anywhere. But, even good Salsa dancers can seem impressive to casual spectators. You can reach a dancing level that’s fun to watch and participate in. All it requires is:

  • Some mental focus
  • Proper teaching and 
  • Practice

    Why Should You Dance Salsa?

    Below are 5 benefits that you’ll enjoy when dancing Salsa:
  • Women will find you more attractive
  • Salsa is an excellent exercise that will get you in shape
  • It’s an opportunity to make new friends
  • It can help you relieve stress
  • You’ll be happier and more confident

    1. Taking Up Private Lessons to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

    It’s always a wise idea to take up several private lessons in the beginning. They will help you accelerate your learning and break through the first confidence barriers. When going back to the group lessons, you’ll be more focused and relaxed. You’ll start developing a feel for how you ought to move a lady around your frame. Yes, it might seem hard at the beginning. But, taking multiple classes will give you an accurate idea of your future progress. 

    2. Don’t Even Think About Quitting

    Salsa learners tend to move from their poor partner dancer(s) to a better one. In fact, that’s among the most common reasons why people quit. 

    It’s imperative for a man to have a strong, confident leader. A great male lead often improves the appearance of the average female. However, the reverse is much less common. And, that puts a male dancer some months behind a female one at the beginning. That’s especially the case for men who’ve never had any partner training before. It can be unsettling for beginners who attend their first group lesson and find women outdoing them with intermediate movements. 

    That’s bad, right? The good news, however, is that it takes a few lessons to for a man to gain enough experience. You’ll start feeling like you can lead another partner. At such a point, you’ll be way ahead of men who don’t partner dances or even take a chance to give it a try. You can start leading female dancers within several weeks of practising. 

    3. Choose a Reliable Partner

    The wisest thing you can do is find a regular one. Get a woman to make mistakes with. Find time to dance with her, even if she accompanies you to Salsa lessons. 

    Challenge your lead. They will inform you when you’re applying too much pressure. They will also compliment you whenever you do it right. 

    The partner shouldn’t necessarily be your significant other. Sisters and female friends are good options. If everything else fails, you can consider the ladies you meet during the lessons. Ask them if they would like to practice with you before or after lessons. 

    Note: 3 Don’ts for Men who Go Out Salsa Dancing

    I. Don’t fake Salsa

    It’s nearly impossible. Even women will know that you’re faking. Rather than embarrassing yourself, get serious about Salsa. Put in the required effort and time to learn it. Don’t expect any shortcut here. 

    II. Don’t Get Angry Whenever a Lady Turns You Down

    Getting angry and deeply offended is a sure way to make a woman not want to partner with you. Bear in mind that the woman you’re inviting has every right to say ‘NO,’ and for any reason. 

    Should you make a huge deal by freaking out when they say ‘NO’, you can guarantee yourself that that ‘NO’ will be permanent. Avoid that by accepting the fact that she might change her mind later. 

    III. Don’t Get Drunk

    Being drunk when dancing Salsa just looks sloppy. You won’t have the needed coordination. Moreover, the chances are that you’ll make multiple mistakes. 

    Avoid getting extra handsy with your partner. You can guarantee yourself that you’ll not get a second chance to dance with your partner. 

    Be Realistic

    What are you expecting from the dancing experience? How much time can you invest to better your dancing? How great a dancer would you want to become? You should have clear and reasonable answers to such questions. 

    Do you have dancers who inspire you? Talk to them. The chances are that they will give you valuable advice. The primary aim here is to develop a realistic, mental image of what you’d want to become in Salsa dancing. 

    Watch Your Confidence Grow

    Your confidence will grow with your experience. Take all opportunities that you get to practice with enough partners. Practice all that you’ve learned. You’ll start feeling comfortable with your ability to dance well. Remember, you can only be as great as the practice that you bring on the dance floor. 

    Parting Word

    Forget those that are always bragging that they’re naturals. The fact is that ALL GREAT DANCERS PRACTICE by themselves, with their partners, and at various venues. In fact, that’s what makes them great. Take time practising to improve. 

    Follow the tips featured above to break through the beginner level. Nothing should discourage you. Instead, learn and practice more. Put the required time in and, soon, you’ll start reaping the benefits.

written by: Annabestwriter101 Salsa

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