5 Physical Benefits of Salsa Dancing

Fast beats and a flair for Latin music. It’s salsa time once again, and you’re invited!

All of these make salsa such a fun dance to get into. It’s an excellent way to de-stress from the worries of life. It’s great as part of the night out with friends. More importantly, it’s a form of exercise that keeps you physically healthy.

Here are 5 physical benefits you can get from salsa:

Improved Balance

Anyone can balance themselves standing on one or two feet, but can you balance when you’re dancing? Believe it or not, adjusting your balance while in a standing or sitting position is easy, but doing it while dancing will prove to be a challenge.

Those who are new to salsa dancing may stumble in the first few beats because they will use muscles that they haven’t used before. Just relax, and take it easy. Keep on dancing and you’ll find yourself getting a better centre of gravity.

Salsa takes on many different stances. Some of these are easier, and others more advanced. Expert salsa dancers have mastered their bodies in the way they know where their centre’s at. You can say that they have well-developed stabiliser muscles that keep them limber and upright!

You can get improved balance once you exercise the muscles that hold you in position. Your core gets strengthened. You run a lesser risk of physical injury as you dance or go about your daily life. Your muscles will become more flexible, and you’ll have better reflexes. The coordination you’ll get from salsa will help you in the more advanced dance steps.

Yes, that’s right. Salsa dancing will revitalise your peripheral nervous system and central nervous system. Your mind will be attuned with your body, and you’ll gain a sense of purposeful rhythm!

Lowered Bad Cholesterol

Doctors have long since known that a person’s health can be measured in how much good and bad cholesterol they have in their bodies. What they also probably know is that salsa dancing can keep that bad cholesterol in check. It provides some massive health benefits for the young and old alike!

Dancing, in particular, helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. It does so by controlling your bodies’ lipids, which directly affects how much bad or good cholesterol you have in your system. The more you dance, the more your body is equipped to handle and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Salsa can also help diabetics control their blood sugar levels as they step and weave through the upbeat music!

Keeps You Young

The secret to everlasting youth is through dance and salsa!

Moving keeps our bodies young and full of life. Dancing is amazing for physical health because it keeps us looking and feeling young. The aging process is slowed down. Some might even say that their dancing to salsa music has reversed the effects of aging!

Salsa does this in many ways. For one, your heart gets a welcome workout. Your cardio system is invigorated. You take in breaths as you move, which strengthens your lungs in the process. The calories you can burn are much higher as compared to swimming, running and cycling.

Yes, you have to keep up with the steps and the music. Your breathing rate will increase. But who’s counting? All you know is that you’re enjoying, and you’re dancing to have fun all night!

Effective Weight Loss

All those calories you burn will lead to a slimmer you. You get improved stamina at the end of the day after all those movements!

Salsa dancing has been proven to burn around 10 calories per minute, depending on the beat of the music and your dance intensity. The increased blood circulation helps with your metabolism and your cardio health.

You’re not just dancing- you’re moving your feet and burning all those excess weight to be slimmer and sexier!

Better Bones and Joints

Last but not the least, salsa dancing is great for your joints and bones. Men and women who suffer from painful joint conditions can take up salsa as a low-impact exercise. Dance is a great helper against osteoporosis for both sexes.

Your joints, especially the ones located in your knees will be used most of the time in a dance session. It keeps them lubricated and prevents arthritis and osteoporosis. Salsa is great for post-menopausal women who have lower estrogen levels and reduced calcium absorption.

Salsa dancing is all about having fun. Lose yourself in the moment and pretty soon, you’ll start enjoying the benefits it can provide. You’ll start to feel good about yourself, and life will start getting better and better!

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